Can We Save Ourselves?

We may not be facing extinction but humans   
and many other species
may struggle to survive!

Yes the world has been warm before, and yes the seas have been much higher than they are today. The difference is that back then we didn’t have  billions of people living in vast coastal cities. 

If we are to survive climate 

change our cities will have to

be relocated and the coastlines cleansed to ensure that rising seas don’t drag all our cities poisonous toxins back out into our coastal fisheries

and kill them!


So they, and we can survive!

Or, we could try something else!


The Eromanga Disruption can show the way.


It's hidden in this murder mystery novel. 

The flooding  of Central Australia


A new Eromanga sea could create 1.2 million square kilometres of pristine Neritic zone. Providing new coastlines new jobs new homes new industries and a vast array of new food resources.  All of it safe from flooding, acidification, and plastic waste contamination. 


By itself Eromanga itself could absorb around 9 million tonnes of CO2 per annum with a sequestration value of around USD$210m. $170m of that from the Phytoplankton alone.


The surrounding wetlands forests and farms will absorb significantly more and a native Australian Red Kelp that could grow here can be used as a food supplement for the worlds 58 million cattle potentially reducing the methane they emit by up to 90%. Methane is a global warming gas 63 times more powerful than CO2.


The book explains how saving ourselves could look and work.


The Pharmaceutical applications for Phytoplankton or marine microalgae are hugely underutilised. Algae offer complete new families of antibiotics and are abundant in compounds referred to as nucleotides, cellular energy units that

act as “biological batteries” to recharge cells. 

Marine phytoplankton’s are five times smaller than red blood vessels so they are easy for your body to absorb and use and readily assimilated upon ingestion. Phytoplankton are a rich source of Omega-3s a proven anti-inflammatory and Phytoplankton has more Omega-3s by weight

than any other food source.

Phytoplankton also contains beta-carotene, which helps to protect your corneas and is effective for improving vision plus chromium which regulates blood sugar and helps insulin move glucose. It also helps your body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.

Phytoplankton’s offer complete new generations of safer greener plastics using the natural polymers in algal seaweeds to produce biodegradable bio-compostable plastic alternatives that can be reused as soil fertilisers.


Beginning to harvest the vast bounty.
Algae Pharmaceuticals
Oil from water.   2050    

Algal biomass’s three main components

are Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids.


Once the lipids have been extracted for biodiesel

left over Carbohydrates can be converted into sugars.


Depending on the strain of algae these sugars can

be either simple or complex some of which can be

then be used for ethanol production.


It is possible to produce both biodiesel

and ethanol from algae by-product.

Climate Change effects  slowed.


Instead of blaming each other and doing more studies on how bad this is going to get.  Why don’t we proactively manage this flooding and try to bring the opposing voices on board with climate change?

It’s going to happen anyway why not control it?


Why not develop systems to direct and manage this global

sea rise for the benefit of mankind? By doing this we can save hundreds of millions of living creatures, including ourselves.

At the same time we can provide new jobs, new healthy

food, help our oceans recover from the damage we’ve

caused, and provide sources for new energy as well!

This is just one example of what could be done

if we work together on solutions!

Climate CO2 graph

The Eromanga Disruption

Flooded city


Global warming is not going to go away just because we choose to  ignore it.


We have to DO something and we have to do it,  NOW!


If we don’t in our grandchildren’s lifetimes scenes like New Orleans will become the new normal. 

With our coastal oceans turning black and dying from toxic poisons,

all over the planet!

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