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Our planet can't save itself.
It needs our help!

Just a few short years from now, humanity and many other species,
 struggle to survive on our rapidly heating planet!

If you want to know more about the science of how we can prevent this.
You can read it or watch it here!

If you'd rather sit down and read an exciting fast paced novel,
and learn what we can do without being bored out of your skull.

Get the book and read it.

It will change the way you think about our future. 

It's true!  The deniers are right! 


The world has been warm before and the oceans have been much higher.


The difference is, back then we didn’t have billions of people living in vast cities that smother our coastlines right around the globe. 

One big problem we face is that is the earths oceans provide us with 'most' of the air we breathe, not all, but most of it!


8% of the earths oceans (our Neritic zones ) are home to creatures and plants create about 75% of the air we suck in with each breath!


And we are well on the way to destroying 'their' homes.  

If we hope to survive climate change, many cities will have to be completely relocated and cleansed of their industrial toxins.


Otherwise rising seas will drag all of our cities poisons, back out into our coastal fisheries, killing off the very plants and animals that provide us with our air!

Making sense of climate science is hard, it can take a long time, and it's mostly crazy boring. 

So I've hidden what you need to know, deep inside this fast paced, murder mystery novel. 

Solve the murders. Work out who you can, and can't trust, and learn how together we can solve climate change.

If you want to learn more about the science, take a look at the short video at the bottom of the page or just keep reading on.

Or you could get a complete understanding of all the challenges packed into an exciting, "Gripping" fast paced novel. If you'd prefer that, then go straight to the link at the bottom of the page, click on the link and go get the book!    


Climate science teaches us that the shallow waters surrounding our coasts and called Neritic zones are the source of most of the planets oxygen, this is where our planet makes our air. 


That's because, these shallow zones are flooded in the sunlight that's needed by ocean plants and microalgae to photosynthesise CO2 convert it into to carbohydrates, and lucky us, we get oxygen as a side product.  

These microscopic sea life flourish here and they nourish krill then the whales that eat them, plus food for fish and crustaceans and so on up the 'food chain'.

Replacing this water and then rewilding the Eromanga sea will create 1.2 million square kilometres of brand new pristine organic Neritic zone. All of it able to suck up millions of tonnes of CO2.


Allowing us and the planet to keep breathing.


It will provide us with new coastlines safe from flooding, millions of new jobs, new homes, new sustainable green industries, and a vast array of amazing sustainable food crops and resources.

Can We Save Ourelses?
Rewilding the Outback

Re-wilding the Eromanga basin by re-flooding the Eromanga sea would allow Australia to grow enough high value high quality organic food, "to sustainably feed a billion people a year."  And 'each year' the Eromanga sea could absorb millions of tonnes of CO2. While all along it's coasts, and surrounding wetlands, mangroves, forests, and extensive organic farms would absorb significantly more. 

Filling Eromanga would lower the Pacific ocean by 50cm per year, directly affecting cities as far away as the US and Asia as well as saving many Pacific islands from disappearing under water. Soil transpiration of this water means that we could continue to do this on an ongoing basis. Indefinitely! This transpiration also means that vast rain clouds would form and nurture central Australia, having a dramatic impact on rapidly cooling the planet.   

We could grow and harvest high value algae,  corals and a wide range of fish and crustacean species.


Plus and very importantly we could farm and harvest huge crops of native Australian Red Kelp. This particular kelp is important because it can be used as a food supplement for the millions of cattle we farm all over the globe. This has the potential to reduce the dangerous methane they currently emit by up to 90%.

Will you take the challenge to learn more?


It's not hard, the Eromanga Disruption is very readable. Described as "A cross between Avatar and Mission Impossible." and "Gripping."


Reviews rate it as. "An action packed thriller with lots of guns and bad guys. Strong female characters and beautiful descriptions of the Australian outback. showing a positive and prosperous future that would benefit the whole planet."

"Chris Toal creates a totally believable post climate engineering world in the Eromanga Disruption. You are drawn into this world where an internal sea has been created in the centre of Australia and into the lives of Val, a tough policeman and his beautiful partner Ukraine. Drug smuggling, murder & corruption rear their heads as Val struggles to find out who is behind it all. The pace is blistering & the dialogue well constructed. I couldn't put this down till I'd finished!" 


"Every scene is painted so colorfully, just incredible." "Each night I was waiting for the next chapter, each page brought me to a new range of emotions...." "This book really captures you." "I fell in love with the characters." "Interesting blend of the past and the future." Many times I felt I was watching a movie on a big cinema screen." "Surprised to realize I'd learned a lot about science and how we can save our planet." "I really want to read the sequel!" "I want to go there for real." 

The Eromanga Disruption shows that our future doesn't have to be doom and gloom. Take a look at what saving ourselves can look like. Learn how we could work, what types of careers, homes, businesses, and lives we could have. So you can get a feel of what a richer, healthier, more sustainable future could, and should look like. 


Want to know more about the Science?  You can watch it right below here. 


Want to read the book?


Click on the link at the bottom of the page and get started on your journey to a better future. 

Reducing Plastic Polution

You will read how we can use Phytoplankton (marine microalgae) to produce amazing new drugs and foods. Algae are hugely underutilised and if we farm them in the right ways we can create families of natural extracts that will exponentially expand our current range of medicines, because farming algae can offer us complete 'new families' of antibiotics.


Algae are 'super foods' and full of compounds that act as “biological batteries” for us and our animals, they are able  to 'recharge the cells' of all living things. High quality organic phytoplankton's also contain beta-carotene, which helps to protect and improve your vision, chromium to help regulate blood sugars, and metabolites that help your body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats. 

Then, there's the fish and crustacean species that would thrive in and around the Eromanga sea. Imagine dining on wonderful fresh tasting exotic seafoods that are better for the planet, like sitting down to a feast of Australian Yabbie (a fresh water crayfish) and native Wolffia microgreen salads.


Lot's of new foods that are easy for your body to absorb all of them rich in organically grown full of vitamins and minerals like Omega-3s more than any other food source.

Imagine living a healthy coastal life around an inland sea safe from flooding where your amazing tasting food, really is your medicine!

We can build things with Kelp and Phytoplankton as well. They can offer us complete new generations of safer 'green plastics' and using the natural polymers in kelps and seaweeds we can produce biodegradable, bio-compostable plastic alternatives making plastics that can be reused as soil fertilisers when we are done with using them.

Algae Pharmaceuticals
Feeding a billion people
Making oils and fuels from water 

Algae have three main components Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids.


All of them are useful. We can use them as carbon neutral fuels even build things with phytoplankton husks.


They offer us complete new generations of safer 'green plastics' and the natural polymers in kelps and seaweeds produce biodegradable, bio-compostable plastic alternatives.


Using microalgae we can make plastics that can be reused and recycled, then be used as healthy safe soil fertilisers when we are finally finished with using them.

Carbon neutral Bio-diesel can be made from by extracting algal lipids and the the left over Carbohydrates can be converted into sugars with many of these suitable for carbon neutral ethanol production. 

Daily life on the Eromanga coast means you are never far from the action. In the book you get to see these processes as part of in normal life. In your search for answers in the book you visit many of the harvesting sites and see all the action.

Climate Change, slowed

The science of The Eromanga Disruption is complex, but the concept is simple, and ecologically very logical.


We are in a #codered situation.


The planet cannot support life as we know it much longer.


Sea levels are rising and will continue to rise for at least the next 100 years, and if we do nothing at all, the Eromanga Sea will almost certainly begin to refill as the oceans flood over the coast. Before that, and the chaos that will follow happens, why not use this water for the benefit of 'all' the creatures on the planet, including humanity? Why not save our civilizations and reduce the damage we've done to the planet at the same time?


In the book you can read about how people live their daily lives. You go inside their homes. Travel through their the cities. And get to understand more about the amazing lifestyles lived by the millions of people that populate Eromanga's coastal cities and surrounding farming regions. Travel through the thousand kilometer ring of wildlife reserve's that protect the sea from runoff. Visit the vast wildlife and cultural protected areas managed by the regional tribes. Areas rich with all types of native animals and plants that protect the Eromanga Sea from harm. Visit the swamplands and estuaries where all types of native creatures thrive, watch as robotic harvesters gather native Wolffia and Azolla from the microgreen ponds that cover the billabongs dotting the landscapes. 

Read how the red center of Australia can blossom into life as the rain giving clouds nurture the mountain ranges, recreating tracts of native forest as far as the eye can see. Travel through the vast farming regions that develop far from the coasts. So large that they will eventually cover almost all the Australian land mass.


The story shows how by making The Eromanga Disruption a reality, we can slow climate change, reduce atmospheric temperatures, lower sea levels and, at the same time save hundreds of millions of human lives and billions of creatures lives all over the planet. 

This glimpse into our future will show you how The Eromanga Disruption could provide new jobs, new healthy food sources for a billion people and help our oceans and coral reefs recover from the damage we’ve caused. 

If you want to do something about climate change and can't think of where to start. The Eromanga Disruption is full of ideas you can use, so please start by reading this book.


Here's some more reviews.


"An absolute enthralling storyline!

Once you start you won’t be able to put the book down - a must read!"

"The reader is easily transported there." "It is easy to wait one hundred pages for the thrillers to start, cause you get enchanted by the world of Ero and the potential of it." 

"Val is Jack Reacher with a purpose to fight for a better planet."


"Perfect book on an airplane flight."

"I am enthralled by the promise of Eromanga and by the gutsy, beautiful, fashionable, clever, athletic etc Elena."


“Mentally saluting you for the plot-twist that accelerates the pace."


"It was my absolute pleasure to be involved in this project, hats off to you for fantastic manuscript."


"Very exciting."


"Can't wait to see a movie."


Click on the link below get it now!


You can make a difference here's where it can start!

Chris Toal.

Climate CO2 graph
Chris Toal

The Eromanga Disruption

Flooded city

Climate change and global warming are not going to go away just because we choose to ignore them.


We have to DO something and we have to start NOW!


If we don’t in most of our lifetimes, scenes like New Orleans will become

'the new normal' with our coastal oceans turning black and dying from our toxic poisons. All over the planet!


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If your tired of feeling helpless. Click here.
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