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Climate Change Books

Eromanga Disruption: Climate Change Books

How can we dramatically reduce atmospheric Co2? How can we counter the effects of global sea rise and combat global warming? If you're searching for climate change books, Eromanga Disruption is a story that imagines a future where recreating an inland sea called Eromanga is humanity's answer to combat global warming.

Typically, global warming books warn about a bleak future if humankind doesn't listen to the warnings nature sends out. But Chris Toal inspires readers with a future imagined in his book, Eromanga Disruption.

In Toal's story, a grand science experiment called Eromanga is the way out of global warming. The Eromanga sea provides water that assists the rewilding of Australia. Eromanga Disruption is one of those climate change books that inspire us to take action.

In this future, Eromanga's gigantic streams of clouds will contribute to cooling Australia and the entire planet. So often, climate change books share the warnings but fail to provide solutions. Eromanga Disruption is one of those sci-fi stories that hold truth and inspiration for anyone concerned about the planet.

If you're searching for climate change books, you can read fiction stories about dystopian futures. Or you can read about ways humanity overcomes the challenges of global warming. Like Toal's hero, Val, society is looking at a future that could be bright or dark.

It's climate change books like these that inspire us toward a better future. Global warming books can be hard to read. The truth is, climate change is happening—it's not a fictional story. But throughout the ages, science fiction has helped us imagine a better future, and climate change books like Toal's—Eromanga Disruption— do it.

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